About the Company

“Getz Lithuania” is a member of the group of companies “Getz Baltic”, which includes also the Latvian (“Getz Nordic”) and Estonian (“Getz Eesti”) companies, thus providing full covering of range and supply of goods throughout the Baltic States. Information on “Getz Baltic” Latvian and Estonian companies can be found on the homepages www.getz.lv and www.getz.ee, respectively.

UAB Getz Lithuania is a leading car maintenance tool wholesale company in Lithuania. We offer a wide range of products, from car batteries, tires, technical maintenance liquids and aerosols to various car accessories, lights and mats.

The company was established in 1995 and currently has over 1500 wholesale clients. Our partners are retail stores, gas stations, car washes, shopping malls, logistics and agriculture companies.
UAB Getz Lithuania is a member of Getz Baltic company group. This membership allows for well-developed import logistics. Company’s headquarters are in Kaunas, right at the centre of Lithuania. Products from warehouse here are sent to the farthest corners of Lithuania. You can also visit our retail store in Aleksotas, not far away from the Old Town.

We constantly review and update our product list. Here you’ll find many well-known trademarks: OSRAM (car lights), 3CV, STP (additives for fuel, oil, and cooling system), MOTIP, ASTONISH, CAR-REP, SUPER HELP, SIMONIZ, STAC PLASTIC (auto cosmetics), PROSEAL (adhesives and sealants), FOLSEN (tapes), CHAMPION, ALCA (windshield wipers), LASER (tools), WUNDERBAUM (air fresheners), CONCEPT CHEMICALS (professional automotive cleaning tools), CARCOMMERCE, ALCA (various car accessories).

We also created PIT STOP product line. This includes technical liquids, antifreezes and coolants.