Osram is the most popular lighting manufacturer and original spare part supplier to major car makers and headlight manufacturers. There is no difference in quality between the bulbs supplied to the OEM and the aftermarket.

    Osram is continuously working on the development of the standard lams to improve the durability, brightness and lifetime of the bulbs, as well as to give more comfort for the drivers. Just to name some of these special ranges well known and appraised by car drivers in Lithuania – Ultra Life, Night Braker Plus, Cool Blue Intense and Silverstar.
  • WD-40

    Its history comes from the aerospace industry, when WD-40 solvent was first invented to protect the outer skin of the Atlas Missile from rust and corrosion. After a couple of years of product’s success in the industrial area, its creator Norm Larsen decided to offer aerosol verse of WD-40, as a multifunctional product for use in household. First sales from the shelves of legendary cans dates back to 1958. Nowadays, WD-40 is used in the most of the markets and branches for its unique and versatile properties. There are 1 million cans of WD-40 sold in the world each day.

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  • STP

    U.S. brand, a manufacturer of automotive additives and oils. High-quality additives for petrol and diesel cars – reduce fuel consumption and improve engine performance.

    Professional car care chemicals and coatings from England, complying with the most rigorous European standards. Dedicated to those, who treat the cars for living in car wash bays, showrooms, polishing workshops, garages.

    Since its foundation in 1987, Concept Chemicals & Coatings has grown to excellence, now recognised as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high quality cleaning and appearance enhancing products for the professional user

    One of the world’s leading car care producers, working to ensure the sense of exclusivity in drivers for more than 50 years and offering a broad selection of dashboard wipes and interior care products.

    This is the first company in history to introduce car interior care products that protect the surfaces from harmful UV rays

    Budget automotive chemicals. Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable cleaning products – both mass and professional production.

    Do not contain phosphates. The product range of Getz includes: de-icer, car interior cleaning products, wheel cleaner, engine cleaner, shampoo, bug and tar remover, etc.

    Motip is a company with a huge range of aerosols, leading in Europe in automotive, DIY and industry sectors.

    Established in 1946, the company has accumulated long-term experience, great knowledge and meticulously specializes in creating, manufacturing and distributing aerosols and brushes for removing scratches. Motip manufactures more than 80 million aerosols annually.
  • 3CV

    3CV trademark is manufactured by Proquimetal. 3CV encompasses engine protection products for all types of vehicles. Proquimetal is growing steadily ever since it was established.

    The company always adapts to the needs of rapidly growing market. Proquimetal creates ever more environmentally products. Raw materials used are biodegraded and produced from renewable sources.

    Stac Plastic has two main activities:
    - industrial liquids and aerosols
    - technical liquids and aerosols for cars and bicycles.

    The company always had a worldwide recognition for the aerosol quality. In 1999 Stac Plastic was awarded quality certificate ISO 9002:2001 and their products still fulfil ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

    The oldest automotive care product trademark in the USA. More than 100 years of experience ensure great product quality which lets the company stay the leader manufacturer in the market.

    18 scientists use 58 different techniques and are working for more than 2000 hours already on testing and improving Simoniz products. If you want to keep your car as good as new, Simoniz automotive care products (both for exterior and interior) are exactly what you need.

    Pro Seal automotive products are created to withstand extreme engine load. Heat, friction, vibration, pressure are all adverse conditions that adhesives and sealants face.

    Pro Seal is a great automotive repair solution, including such tasks as interim change, sealing heaters or fuel tanks

    Company is based in Italy, offering an all-encompassing selection of budget winter care products for


    The Tree shaped Air freshener WUNDER-BAUM® is the most recognises air freshener in the world. In line with the classic paper Trees of different colours, designs and fragrances, there are liquid fresheners with unique fragrance evaporation system. All these products are of tasty design and chic to decorate any car or room.

  • ALCA

    Alca® is one of the leading brands for wiper blades, car accessories, spare parts and tools in Middle and Eastern Europe. Exccelent price and quality ratio is being achieved by developed quality management and efficient cost control. Optimization of the production and logistics processes helps the company to preserve natural resources and to minimize environmental pollution.


    Heyner® is one of the leading brands for car wiper blades in Middle and Eastern Europe. Original HEYNER® standard, flat blade, hybrid, truck blades and replacement rubbers meets to ISO TS16949 quality standards. High quality rubber with NANO graphite coating for extremely long life performance. Optimization of the production and logistics processes helps the company to preserve natural resources and to minimize environmental pollution.


    Capsula® is one of the leading brands for child car seats in Middle and Eastern Europe. Capsula® child car seats are ergonomic and sertificated by highest international safety standart – ECE-R 44/04. Company offer a complete range of child car seats for all age groups from 0 up to 12 years. Optimization of the production and logistics processes helps the company to preserve natural resources and to minimize environmental pollution.


    Wiper blades from Bosch can be relied on for perfect wiper action, even under extremely adverse weather conditions. The motorists' choice for best visibility and maximum safety: Readers of the magazines "Auto Motor und Sport" and "Auto Bild" have voted for Bosch as the best make in the "Wiper blade" category again.


    There are different products in Pitstop range, united for the common cause in offering high quality technical liquids for the motorist. Screen-wash, cooling and brake fluids are the must for each and every car, while quality means the safety for both driver and its vehicle.


    Aspen was founded in 1988 with the aim of improving forestry workers’ work environment where they were spending whole days in harmful chainsaw exhaust gases. It was Roland Elmäng, a fuel expert at Volvo, who saw the benefits of using alkylate in chainsaws instead of regular petrol. It all started in Lerum at Lake Aspen, hence the name. Today Lantmännen Aspen’s business is based in Hindås outside Gothenburg. The company is a member of the Lantmännen Group, one of the biggest corporate groups in the Nordic region.